Friday, November 7, 2008

Vishwamitra's Ashram

Hearing the words of Ram, Viswamitra said, "Hey Vats (son)! It really is the ashram and its name is Siddhashrama." Laxman asked, "Gurudeva! Why does it called with the name Siddhashrama?" In response to the question of Laxman Viswamitra said, "In this regard a story is prevalent. In ancient days a demon named Bali planned to perform a greate "yajna" (sacrifice) here. Bali was very powerful and brave. He had defeated all the gods. On completion of the "yajna" definitely his strength was going to be increased. Considering this Devaraj (king of gods) Indra was very scared. Indra, with all the gods, went to Lord Vishnu and prayed him in humble voice, "Hey Trilokpaty (Lord of three regions)! King Bali has defeated all the gods and now he is planning for a huge sacrifice. He is a great donater and very generous. No mendicant returns empty handed from his door. Entire universe is afraid of his generosity, penance and good deeds. On completion of the planned sacrifice he will be able to be king of gods. Domination of a demon on gods' kingdom is against the tradition of gods. So hey Lord! I request you to take measures so that his sacrifice can not be completed " After hearing his prayers Lord Vishnu said, "All of you gods be fearless and intrepid and go back to your "Dhams" (places). To complete your desire I will departure of here soon."

"When the gods went away, Lord Vishnu converted himself into form of dwarf and reached the place where the sacrifice was being performed. King Bali was very impressed with the dwarf Brahmin, he said, "Hay Brahmin! Please welcome. Please tell me, what can I do for you?" Lord Vishnu in the form of dwarf said, "King! I only need two and a half steps of ground where I can sit and praises to God." King Bali accepted the demand of dwarf Brahmin with pleasure and allowed him to measure the ground with steps. On getting permission Lord Vishnu coverted into huge form and measured the whold sky in one step and the earth along with the abyss in second step. The he asked to the king Bali, "King! now tell me where is the place for my remaining half step?"

Any of the mendicants had never been disappointed by the king Bali. He did not want to return this mendicant without fulfilling his desire. He, therefore, said, "O Brahman! My body is still remaining unmeasured by you, please put your half step on it." Lord Vishnu did so. That was such a sacrifices and generosity which pleased Lord Vishnu and he said in blessing, "this place will always regarded as sacred, and will be named as Siddhashrama. Person performing here austerity will very soon get success."

Since then, this place is known as Siddhashrama and number of Rishis-Munis get forgiveness by performing penance here. My ashram is also here. I want to do "yajna" at this place only. Whenever I began the "yajna", the demons hurdled and I could never complete it. Now I'll certainly be able to complete my sacrifice as you have come.

Talking with Ram and Lakshman Viswamitra entered in his Ashrams. All the Rishis and munis and their pupils, who used to live there, expressed their hospitality to them. Ram said in humble voice to Guru Vishwamitra, "Muniaraj! kindly start your auspious "yajna" today. I assure you that defending your "yajna" I will make this sacred territory free from demons." Listening the words of Ram Viswamitra started to mobilize the content for the sacrifice.