Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slaughter of Marich and Subahu

Next day, getting up in "Brahm-Muhurt" (early in the morning before sunrise) and after finishing the morning routines, Ram and Lakshman went to Viswamitra and said, "Gurudeva! Please tell us about the time at which the monsters used to come to disturb your sacrifice. We want to know it because we don't want to give any chance to demons to come here and start violence. "

All the Rishis and Munis, who were present there, felt very pleased by hearing from the brave sons of king Dashrath and said, "Hey Princes! You have to be full alert and careful for the next six days and nights for safeguard of sacrifice. Rishi Vishwamitra will perform the sacrifice silently. He will not answer any of your questions as he has taken ordination for the sacrifice."

Getting this information, both the brothers Ram and Lakshman equipped with their weapons and got ready for the defense of the sacrifice. They were defending the sacrifice cautiously without taking any rest, but there was no any kind of disturbance in first five days and nights. On start of sixth day, Ram said to Lakshman, "Brother Soumitra (son of Sumitra)! Today is the final day to complete the sacrifice and hence there is full chance of violence by demons. We need to be very cautious. A bit of carelessness might cause the sacrifice unsuccessful."

Ram Laxman had just completed his words, the sacrifice materials started to burn with flames. They heard sound like a thunder after cracking of hundreds of clouds. After then, the demonic forces of Marich and Shubahu began to rain blood, meat, marrow, bones, etc. Ram saw the army of the elusive monsters in the sky. He said to Laxman, "Laxman! get ready with your bow and get careful. Now I am going to destroy the forces of these demons applying "Manavastra" (a special weapon)."

Displaying extraordinary of skills and smartness, Ram quickly left the Manavastra on them. Due to stroke of Manavastra on his chest, Marich fled with the velocity of the typhoon and fell in the sea which was four hundred "Yojans" (a yojan = six miles) away from there. Then, Ram threw "Agneyastra" (a special weapon) in the sky which resulted a terrible blaze of fire encircling Subahu. The flame of fire burnt the great sinner (Subahu) and he died instantly. Falling of his dead body on the Earth caused a big loud explosion. Then Ram left a weapon named "Wayavya". Due to the hit of that weapon the huge army of monsters were killed and their dead bodies began to fall on the ground like hail. In a short time the whole demonic army was destroyed.

There started cheering and raining of flowers. On completion of the sacrifice without disturbance, Rishi Vishwamitra hugged Ram with his heart and said, "Hey lotus of Raghukul! I got success in my sacrifice due to your strength and skills. You have realy obliged this Siddhashrama by destruction of riotous demons"