Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Birth of Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna

As ordered by the king, the knights and servants left Shyamkarn horse along with Chaturangini Sena (army). The king Dashrath invited all the friars, scholars, sages and thoughtful persons from all parts of the country to join and make success the yajna. At appropriate time king Dashrath came to yajnashala with his Guru Vashishtha, Rishi Shringi (who was best friend of the king and resident of Anga Desh) and all other guests from various countries. Thus the formal opening of the great yajna (sacrifice) was done. The whole atmosphere was echoed with loud sound of Richas (stanzas) of the Vedas and the yajnashala

The yajna ended with donations of appropriate funds, grains, cows etc. to all Brahmins, saints and scholars by king Dashrath. The boon of the yajna was brought to palace of the king and distributed among the three queens. Using the boon and the grace of God resulted the pregnancy of the three wives.

On shukla paksh navami tithi of Chaitra (ninth day of bright fortnight of Chaitra), when the Sun, the Mars, the Saturn, the Venus and the Jupiter were seated in their high places in the Punarhwashu constellation and the Cancer ascendant just arised, a baby born from the womb of the eldest queen Kaushalya. The baby was very glorious, bright and amazing handsome having attractive complexion. Thereafter in good constellation and auspicious time, one son from Kaikeyi and two sons from third queen Sumitra were born.

The entire state began to celebrate the birth of four sons of king Dashrath. Gandharvas began to sing, Apssaras (elf) began to dance and gods, sitting on their vimans (aircrafts), began to throw flowers. King donated whole heartedly to the bards, Brahmins, and the beggers who came to his door to bless him. The naming ceremony was performed by Guru Vashishtha and the names of the four sons were kept as Ramchandra, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan.

With the progression of age Ramchandra got various good qualities and became most popular among the people of Ayodhya. He was genius having enormous talents and as a result he became expert in all subjects. Very shortly he gained the extraordinary skills in applying all types of weapons, riding on elephants, horses and all types of vehicles. He engaged himself in service of the mother, the father and the other elders. Remaining three brothers also followed him. All the four brothers had faith in their elders and love for each other. Emperor Dashrath remained filled up with the pride and joy to see his four sons.


Silver Future said...

A question,

If all four brothers were born at the same time then their "Raashi" must also be same hence all of them must have the same name alphabet. Then why their names were of different letters? Was Rishi Vashishtha not a good astrologer?