Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unattainable gift of weapons

On the way at the shore of a picturesque lake Vishwamitra stopped and said to Ram, "Hey Ram! You have done the big public welfare work by slaughtering Tadka. I am pleased much with your work and cleverness and hence providing you some rare weapons. With the help of these weapons you will be able to defeat the gods, demons, ykshs (demigods), Nagas (serpents) etc. who can not be conquered easily

"Please have these weapons named Dandchakra, Dharmachakra, Kalchakra and Indrachakra. By holding these you will get strength to defeat any enemy. Apart from these, I give you "Vajrastra" made from power of electric, "Shool" of Lord Shiva, "Brahmashir", "Eshik" and the most powerful "Brahmastra" getting which you will be most powerful in in all the three "Lokas" (regions).

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"I am so pleased with your valour that I feel very happy to provide you the "Gadas" (maces) named as "Prachand Modki" and "Shikhar". I am so pleased with your valour that I feel very happy to provide you the "Gadas" (maces) named as "Prachand Modki" and "Shikhar". I also give you "Asni" of both kinds i.e. dry and wet, "Pinak", "Narayanastra", "Wayavyastra", "Hayashirastra" and "Krounch Astra". In addition to weapons, I also give you some "Pash" (strings to bind enemy) out of which "Dharmapash", "Kalpash" and "Varunpash" of very important. With the help of theese "pashesh" you will be able to bind and make inactive the enemies.

Ram! Some of the weapons are used by the "Asuras" (devils)l. It is the best policy that kill the enemies with their own weapons. So I provide you the weapons used by "Asuras" which are "Kankal", "Moosal", "Ghor Kapal" and "Kinkani". Some weapons are used by "Vidyadhars" which are "Khadg", "Mohan", "Praswapan", "Prashman", "Soumya", "Varshan", "santapan", "Vilapan", "Madanastra", "Gandharvastra", "Manavastra", "Paichastra", "Tamas" and the unique "Soumanastra". Have these weapons also. These are "Mousalastra", "Satyastra" and god Sun's "Prabhastra" which make the enemies inactive by just showing only. Accept these also.

Saying that the great sage deeiverred the whole weapons, which are rare even for the gods, with affection to Ram. Ram was very pleased by getting those weapons. He saluted the steps of Guru with devotion and said, "Gurudeva! I am very Grateful for your grace. Now Gods, monsters, demons, a demigod, etc. can not defeat me. But Munivar! Gandhharvas, gods, demons, etc. would also have the similar weapons and they can use them to on me. Kindly tell me how can I be safe from them. Kidly also also tell me that how can I get back and reutilise the weapons already used by me?" Vishwamitra told all the methods and secrets about the weapons.

After that they went out of the darkness of the forest and reached to a place that where was sunlight and diversified with the beautiful trees and the lovely valley. Ramchandra asked Viswamitar, "Hey Muniaraj (king of munis)! It appears that there is some ashram behind the hills having the beautiful green trees appearing in front of us. Is it true or just my imagination? I think that my imagination is not unfounded as there is flocks of beautiful and honey-tongued birds."