Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The advent of Maharshi Viswamitra

Emperor Dashrath was in his court. Guru Vashishth and other knights were sitting on appropriate seats. Maharaj said to Guru Vashishtha, "Hey, Gurudeva! Life is fleeting and my age is increasing. Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan all the four brothers are now adults. It is my desire that the marriage of these princes should be arranged before I die. I, therefore, request you to kindly arrange to search eligible brides for them." As soon as Emperor finished his talk, the gatekeeper reported about advent of the sage Viswamitra. King Dashrath himself went to the door, praised Viswamitra and brought inside the court honorably. Sage Vishwamitra was appropriately honored and provided seat with guru Vashishth.

After completion of general formalities, Emperor Dashrath said in polite voice to the sage Vishwamitra, "Hey Munishrasht! (greatest sage) I feel myself luckey to see you and my court as well as the whole Ayodhyapuri is blessed by your advent and getting the dust from your steps. Now, please tell me about the purpose for coming here. providing you any kind of service will be great pleasure for me ."

After hearing the king's humble words, sage Viswamitr said, "Hey king! Your words are in total conformity with the dignity of your descendant. Descendants of Ikshwaku have always been devoted and faithful to cows, Brahmins and sages. I have come here for a special purpose or in clear words I have come to ask for somthing from you. If you give me your words that you will will certainly fulfill my demand then only I will keep my demand before you. If you do not give me your words, I will go back without demanding anything."

I know that you are religious, favourable to Rishi munis (sages) and lover of your people. I ask you for your eldest son Ram who will save my yajna from demons and let me complete my purpose without any disturbance. I am well aware of the fact that Ram will easily kill both of them. hence please let me take Ram with me for about ten days. As soon as I complete my work, I will send back him safely to you."

Hearing the words of Viswamitra, Dashrath plunged into gloom. He just felt that he will be unconcious. Then keeping control on self, he said, "Munivar (great sage)! Ram is just a child. It will not be possible for him to face Demons. I myself am ready to go for defending your yajna (sacrifice)." Viswamitra said, "King! You do not have to doubt that Ram can not face them. I have already guessed about his powers using my Yogbal (power of yoga) Please be fearless and allow Ram to go with me."

The king Dashrath replied, "Hey Munishrasht! Ram has so far not seen Maya-Prpnchon (deception) of demons and he does not have any experience of this type of war. Moreover, I have never separated him from me since the time of his birth. I will die without him. I request you to kindly give me permission to go with you along with my army."

Vishwamitra became angry as king Dashrath was deterring his promise due to affection to his son. He said, "King! I did not know that the kings of Raghukul have been changed now and they do not be firm in their promise. If I'd known this fact, I'd have never come here. I am going now." As he finished the words, his face to become red with rage.

All the knights, court people etc. were afraid of any kind of unwilling incident due to anger of Vishwamitra. Guru Vashishtha explained to the king, "Hey Rajan (King)! Please do not disgrace the dignity of Raghukul and integrity of your promise in illusory of your son. I advise you forget that Ram is merely a child and allow him to go with Vishwamitra. The great sage is extreme scholar and expert in all type of weapons. With Vishwamintra Ram is fully safe and there will never be chance of any type of injury to him. Moreover, with Rishi Vishwamitra, Ram will become expert in all types of weapons also.

Guru Vashishth's words convinced Dashrath and he called Ram there. Lakshman also came there along with Ram. King Dashrath ordered Ram to go with Rishi Vishwamitra. Accepting the father's order Ram got ready to go with Rishi Vishwamitra. Lakshman requested Vishwamitra to take him also with Ram and prayed to his father for getting his permission. After getting permission and blessings from elders, Ram and Lakshman walked with Vishwamitra.

Ram and Lakshman, having quivers on their shoulders, were following Vishwamitra with tardy steps. It was looking like Ashwinikumars (sons of god Ashwini) are going with Lord Brahma. Ram and Lakshman were full of marvelous splendor, wearing gloves made from the skin of iguana, having bow in their hand and sharp edged saber on their waists. It appeared that the bravery itself was going in the form of them.

They reached to the banks of holy river Sarjoo after walking a distance of six kos (a kos is equal to one and half mile). Sage Vishwamintra said in lovely voice, "Hey Wats (son)! Now you get away from fatigue by taking bath in Sarjoo. Then I'll give you training. First of all I will teach you attainments named "Bala" and "Atibala". When Ram expressed curiosity about these attainments, Rishi Vishmitra told, "Both of these attainments are extraordinary. Experts in these come under best person in the world. Scholars say that these are the origin of all attainments. Being expert in these, you will be able to control your hunger and thirst. These brilliant attainments were created by Lord Brahma. I am offering these to you as I know you deserve them."

After Ram and Lakshman had taken bath, Viswamitra provided initiation of attainments. On getting initiation, the faces of Ram and Lakshman brightened marvelously. All of them took rest near the banks of Sarjoo by sleeping on bed made from grass.