Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arrival at Janakpur

Next day morning Rishi Viswamitra along with his congregation started their journey for Mithilahapuri. They reached to Vishala Nagri where the stunning temples and huge buildings were making the city charming. Big shops and people having valuable ornaments were revealing the city's prosperity. Wide and clean streets were determining that the internal housekeeping, service system and management tof the city were highly commendable.

Crossing Visahla Nagri the community of Rishi Viswamitra reached to Janakpur. In Janakpur a "Yajnashala" (sacrifice cell) was built in the outer area of the city where Brahmins from various provinces were reciting the "Mantras" (verses) of the Vedas melodiously. Seeing the pretty exciting sacrifice cell, Ram said, "Hey Gurudeva! The grandeur of "Yajnashala" and pleasing obsession of the Brahmins and scholars are making me blithe heart. Kindly arrange for our stay near the "Yajnashala" so that the sound of obsession of the Vedas keep our mind and heart sacred."

On getting information about arrival of Rishi Viswamitr his disciple community and the other rishis, King Janak along with the "Rajpurohit" (royal priest) Shatanand came to sacrifice cell for their reception. After respecting them appropriately and worshiping Vishwamitra properly King Janak said, "Hey Maharshi! By coming here, you have made the lives of all of us successful. Mithila has become a holy city by getting dust of your steps." Then looking at Ram and Lakshman he said, "Munivar! Who are these two incomparably handsome boys with you who are looking like cubs of lion? Seeing their heroic figures, it appears that they belongs to some royal family. Due to their presence, my sacrifice cell has become as bright as east direction at the time of sunrise. Kindly let us know who are they? Where from have they come? What is their father's name and to which descendant do they belong?"

In reply of his questions, Rishi Viswamitra said, "Hey King! Actually both of these children are the princes. They are son of King Dasharath of Ayodhya, the descendant of "Surya" (Sun). Their names are Ramchandra and Lakshman. Both of them are very powerful and heroic. In the terrible war they have destroyed Subahu, Tadka etc. Ram has thrown Marich, the demon with great strength, into hundred "yojan" away sea with his single arrow. I brought them from Ayodhya for safeguard of my sacrifice. I have provided them education related to various arms and weapons. With their efforts, my sacrifice concluded smoothly and successfully. They have amused the entire Rishi Ashram with their good behavior, respectfulness and cordiality. I've brought the here to show you great "Dhanushyajna" (bow sacrifice). "

Listening this episode, King Janak felt very happy and made proper arrangement for their stay.