Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kamdeva's (Cupid's) Ashram

Other days Muni (sage) Vishwamitra got up in "Brahma-Muhurta" (early in mornning before arise of sun) and said Ram and Laxman, who were sleeping on beds made from gross, "Hey Ram and Lakshman! Get up. Night has been expired. God "Bhuvan-Bhaskar" (god sun) will shortly arise in east direction. As he demolishes the darkness spreading light in all directions, you also will have to destroy demons using your valour. Be free from your daily routiene and do "Sandhya-Upasana" (parying and worshiping god). Perform "Agnihotra" (sacrificing grains to fire) to please the gods. Leave lethargy and get up now as this is not the time to sleep."

Getting instructions from Guru both the brothers left the beds and after finishing their daily routine like bath etc. walked towards cost of Ganges along with the "Munivar" (great sage). They reached at the confluence of the Ganges and Sarjoo. At that place there were beautiful and peaceful ashrams of "Rishis", "Munis" and "Tapasvees" (types of sages). Seeing one of the most beautiful Ashram, Ramchandra asked the Guru Vishwamitra, "Hey Guruwar! Who lives in this most attractive ashram?" In response to the question of Ram "Muni" told, "Hey Ram! This is a special ashram. Once upon a time Kailashpaty (master of Kailash mountain) Lord Shiva performed here atrocious penance. Seeing his penance the entire world was distracted up. Devraj (king of gods) Indra became fearful and decided to dissolve his penance. For the work he appointed Kamdeva (Cupid). One by one Kamdeva left several arrows to Lord Shankar which interrupted his penance. Enraged Lord Shankar opened his third Eye. Kamdeva ignited by the blaze of the third Eye and converted into ashes. Being a god Kamdeva did not die but his "Anga" (body) decayed. As his body (anga) was destroyed, he was named as "Ananga". This place is called "Angadesh" because this event took place at this location. This is ashram of Lord Shiva. As Kamdeva was inflamed here the Lord Shiva, this ashram is also known as "Kamdeva's (Cupid's) Ashram."

As per the instructions of Guru Vishwamitra all of them decided to take night rest there. Ram and Lakshman,both the brothers, collected "Kanda-Mool-Fala" (eatable bulbs, roots and fruits of vegitables) from forest and dedicated to the sage. With the Guru, both the brothers also ate the collected items considering that as boon. After completing the bath and worship, Ram and Lakshman listened variety of stories and religious discourse told by Vishwamitra. Finally, after providing appropriate services to Guru and getting permission from him, they laid down to their gross beds pronouncing the holy "Gayatri Mantra".