Sunday, November 9, 2008

Deaparture for "Dhnush Yajna" (Bow Sacrifice)

Next day, the "Tapasvis" (sages) residing in the ashram to Ramchandra that the king Janak of Mithila has planned for "Dhanush Yajna" (bow sacrifice) in which kings from various states are to come for taking part. Ramchandra asked Guru Viswamitra, "Gurudeva! What is the purpose of that "Dhanush Yajna" and what are its specialties?" Rishi Viswamitra replied, "Ram! the name "janak" is a title for the kings of Mithilapuri being used since chronic age. Once upon a time, an ancestor of king of Mithila, named Devarat, arranged for a sacrifice with loyalty and devotion. He had invited the gods also in that sacrifice. Pleased with the sacrifice, gods provided him a bow named Pinak. That bow is most beautiful, proud worthy as well as very heavy and powerful. The strong and mighty warriors and experts of battle feel themselves to apply arrow on that bow, even can not pick it up. For "swayamvar" (a function where bride selects groom) of his only most beautiful daughter Sita, the King of Mithila has got affirmation that he will marry his daughter to the mighty and courageous prince who will apply arrow on that bow. A large number of the kings and the princes from may countries are coming to take part in "Dhanush Yajna". We also want to see this sacrifices. So, come on with us to go to Mithila. You will be happy to see sacrifice."

With the permission of Maharshi, Ram and Lakshman along with other Rishis walked toward Mithialhapuri. On the way they were observing the varieties of sceneries and periodically were discussing the spirituality. They reached to the banks of the "Shon" river. All the rishis including Vishwamitra, Ram and Lakshman took bath in the cool water of the river. Then, after performing "Sandhya-Upasana" (daily routine of worshiping God), they became busy in discussion of the religious stories. They took rest there with the permission of Guru as it was late night.

Next day morning, the community started journey. Going on continuously they reached the most sacred river Ganges. It was mid day at that time and the sun was shining in the middle of the sky. The scene of Ganges was looking most lovely. A number of reflections of the sun were appearing in the waves of Ganges. Beautiful fishes were swiming in the water of Ganges, sweet birds like swans, cranes were making pleasent voice. The golden sand particles were lying scattered all around and the coastal trees were producing eye-feasting views.

Ram was watching that view very eagerly. Viswamitra asked to him, "Vats (Son)! What are you seeing so intently?" Ram said, "Gurudeva! I am watching the wonderful luster of "Sursari" (river of gods - Ganges). My heart is getting unprecedented peace just with the vision of the most sacred river. Sir! I want to hear how this sacred river, which washes out all the sins, was originated?" Viswamitra said, "Ram! There is a most interesting and entertaining story about the origin of Ganges. I am going to tell you all this tale."