Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Start of Story

Kaushal Pradesh, which was founded by Vaivaswat Manu, is located on the banks of sacred the river Sarjo. The beautiful and prosperous city Ayodhya is the capital of the state. The descendant of Vaivaswat Manu consists of many warriors, powerful, talented and celebrated kings. King Dashrath was also one of them. Dashrath was scholar of the Vedas, religious, merciful, brave and great king. People in his state were free from sorrow, solemn and god-fearing. His state was free from any type of aversion.

One day the king Dashrath saw in mirror a white hair among black hairs. He thought that the days of my youth have come to its end and still Iam childless. How will my descendant continue and what will happen to my state? Thus, he considered to do "Puatryeshty Yajna" (a religious deed) to get children. He told about his resolution of "Puatryeshty" to his Guru Vashishtha and requested him to guide in the matter.

Knowing about his ideas and considering it right and reasonable Guru vashishth said, "Hey king! I also believe that your wishes will certainly be fulfilled by performing Puatryeshty Yajna. Please, therefore, arrange for Ashwamedh Yajna at your earliest and leave a Shyamkarn horse for it." As instructed by Guru Vashishtha, king Dashrath built a lovely Yajnashala (place to perform yajna) in the northern coast of river Sarjoo and ordered his servants to make all necessary arrangements. Then king went to his palace and told about the auspicious news of performing yajna to his wives as a result all the wives felt much happy.