Friday, November 14, 2008

Story of Ahalya

Next morning Ram and Lakshman along with Rishi Viswamitra went to see the forests, park, etc. of Mithilapuri. In a park, they saw a desolate place. Ram said, "Sir! This place looks like an Ashram but there do not appear any Rishi or Muni (sage). What is the reason behind it?"

Viswamitra told, "At a time this place was Ashram of Mahatma (great person) Gautam. He used to live and observe "Tapasya" (mortification) here with his wife Ahalaya. One day when Rishi Gautam had gone out, Indra impersonated himself as Gautam and courted with Ahalya here in absence of Rishi Gautam. Ahalaya recognized Indra and thought that I am so beautiful that Indra, king of gods, is asking for my courtship. She accepted his address granted her approval. Rishi Gautam came back while Indra was leaving his Ashram and saw impersonated Indra. He understood all the matter and cursed Indra. He then cursed his wife saying that as you are abondened, you will lye here in ashes with pain and having only air as food for thousands of years. You will get redemption and your original body only when Ram will enter this forest. After cursing her Gautam left the Ashram and went to Himalayas to obsrve penance. So Ram! Now you go inside the ashram and provide Ahalya his original body."

As instructed by Vishwamitra both the brothers entered the ashram. Abiding Ahalya was invisible there but the whole atmosphere was brightening with her glory. As soon as Ram entered there and Ahalya saw him, she got back her beautiful body again. Ram and Lakshman respected her with devotion by touching her feet. After accepting her hospitality, all of them came back to the place of stay in Mithilapuri.


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