Sunday, November 16, 2008

Former Charector of Rishi Vishwamitra (2)

"On getting permission from Vashishtha, Kamdhenu produced a huge army of mighty mighty warriors, who began to kill the enemies just like chopping of carrots and radishes. On destruction of Vishwamitra's army, his irritated one hundred sons pounced at Vasishtha to kill him. Rishi Vasishtha calcined all the sons of Vishwamitra ecxept one.

"Seeing his army and sons dead, Viswamitra felt very sorrow. He handed-over his kingdom to his remaining son and went to caves in Himalayas for penance. Lord Shiva delighted with the harsh austerity of Visha mitra and provided him divine powers and entire archery as boon.

"After receiving the knowledge of the entire archery, Viswamitra went to the Ashram of Vasishtha with revengeful attitude. challenging Vasishtha, he shooted "Agniban" (fire arrow, tornedo). The whole Ashram began to burn. The resident of Ashram scared and began to run away. Vasishtha also got ready with bow and said that I accept your challenge, you are free to do what can you do. I will beat your pride today and tell you that strength of Brahman is superior than the strength of Kshatriya.

"Indignant Viswamitra shooted one after on the "Agneyastra", "Varunastra", "Rudrastra", "Aindrastra" and "Pashuptastra" (types of weapons) which were destroyed by Rishi Vasishthat in betweentheir way. As a result Viswamitra became more angry and used all type of weapons like "Manav", "Mohan", "Gandharv", "Joombhan", "Daran", "Vajra", "Brahmapash", "Kalpash", "Varunpash", "Pinak", "Dand", "Paishach", "Kraunch", "Dharmachakra", "Vishnuchakra", "Vayavya", "Manthan", "Kankal", "Moosal", "Vidyadhar", "Kalastra" etc. Vasishtha destructed all the weapons used by Vishwamitra and got prepared to use "Brahamastra" (great weapon of Lord Brahma). "Devas" (gods), "Yakshas" (demi-gods), "Kinnaras" etc. were afraid and requested Vasishtha not to use "Brahmastra". But wrathful Vasishtha applied the "Brahamastra". Due to the luminosity and deafening thunder of "Brahmastra", the whole world began suffering from the terrible pain. All the Rishis and Munis prayed to Vasishtha that you have defeated Vishwamitra. Now kindly calm the flames created by "Brahmastra". Considering their requested Vasishtha took back the "Brahmastra" and calmed it with "Mantras" (holy verses).

"Defeated and eclipsed Vishwamitra sat down down on the ground and thought that undoubtedly strength of Brahman is best. Now I will get designation of Brahman by performing penance.

"Then Vishwamitra went toward south direction with his wife and there he performed mortal penance. Pleased with his austerity, Lord Brahma alloted him the designation of "Rajarshi" (Rishi of kings). Even getting this designation, he was sad as he could not get the designation of "Brahmarshi" (Rishi of Brahman). He thought that my penance is still incomplete, I must perform atrocious penance once again."