Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Story of Ganga's Birth (2)

"When Sagar did not get any notice about his sons for many days, he ordered his stunning grandson Anshuaman to search his sons as well as the horse. Strenuous Anshuaman equipped himself with weapons walked toward inferno through the path made by his uncles. Respecting the Rishis who met in the way and asking about his uncles he reached to the place where the ashes of the burnt body of his uncles were lying. The horse was also there. Seeing the bodies of his uncles, he felt very sad. He searched for pond to perform "tarpan" (a ritual) but he did not get success. Then he saw there Garuda, maternal uncle. After giving him proper regards, he asked him about some lake. Garuda told him how his uncles misconducted and abused Kapil Muni and Kapil Muni devoured them all.

Then Garuda said to Anshuman that as all of his uncles were devoured by a divine man having supernatural power, mundane water can not be used for their "Tarpan", only the water of Ganga, the eldest daughter of the Himalayas, is required for it. Now you go back with the horse so that you can complete your grandfather's sacrifice. As directed by Garuda, Anshuman went back to his ग्रंद्फठेर in Ayodhya and told him all the story. King Sagar completed the sacrifice sad-heatedly. To absolve his sons, Sagar wanted to bring Ganga on Earth but he could not get any idea to make it possible.

Viswamitra continued, "After the death of king Sgar Amshuaman began to rule the state. His son Dilip was very aristocratic. When Dilip got adult, Anshuman handed over his state to him and went to Himalayas for penance to please Ganga but he could not get success and ultimately died. After ruling the state for a long time, Dilip also handed over the charge of state to his son Bhagirath, went to bring Ganga to the Earth by performing penance. He too could not get proper results. King Bhagirath did not get any child and finally he handed over his charge to his experienced knights went to a pilgrimage named Gokarna where he observed harsh austerity. Pleased with his unprecedented austerity, Lord Brahma asked to demand boon. Bhagirath asked him for bringing Ganga to the Earth. He also asked him for a child who will continue the descendant of Ikshwaku.

"Brahma said that your desire for child will fulfill shortly but there is a difficulty in bringing Ganga to the Earth. Nobody else except Lord has ability to manage the velocity of Ganga when she will fall from heaven to the Earth. So first of all make the Lord Shiva happy and ask him to be kind to you. After saying this, Lord Brahma went to his "loka" (place).

"Bhagirath observed atrocious penance again and as a result Lord Shiva was pleased. He became ready to manage the velocity of Ganga. Ganga had to leave the "Surlok" (place of gods) and fall to the Earth. At that time, she did not want to go anywhere from "Surlok", so she fell with a blusterous velocity considering to flow the Lord Shiva up to "Patal Lok" (inferno). Lord Shiva was already aware of her arrogance, so he entangled the currents of Ganga in his tresses. Even after all efforts, Ganga could not go out from his tresses.

"To release Ganga from tresses of Lord Shiva, Bhagirath agains observed austerity. Pleased with the penance, Lord Shankar released Ganga in Bindusar, a place located in the Himalayan mountain. Ganges divided into seven sections of currents. Three sections viz. Ahladini, Pawani and Nalini of Ganga streams were flown to the east. Antother three streams, Suchakshu, Sita and Sindhu (Indus) were flown to the west and the seventh stream followed Bhagirathi.

"Bhagirath was going going on and Ganga was following him. Here and there Devas (gods), Yakshas (demi-gods), Kinnars, Rishis, Munis etc. were gathering for reception of Ganga. People touching the water of Ganga were freed from worldly sins. Gnaga reached to the place where Rishi Jahnu was performing Yajna (sacrifice). The whold Yajnashala (place of performing sacrifice) flowed in the current of Ganga. As a result Rishi Jahnu felt angree and drunk all the water of Ganga. It was very strange for all the Rishis-Munis. They started praying Rishi Jahnu to release Ganga.

"Pleased with their praise, Rishi Jahnu allowed Ganga to come out through the way of his ear and accepted her as his daughter. Since then Ganga is called with the name Jahnavi. Then Ganga, behind Bhagirath, flowed up to the sea and from there she went to "Rasatal" (inferno) to absolve the sons of Sagarf. Touched with Ganga, all the sons of Sagar became sinless. From that day Ganga did have three names viz. Tripathga, Jahnavi and Bhagirathi.

"Hey Ramchandra! When Ganga reached to the Ashram of Kapil Muni, Lord Brahma blessed Bhagirath saying that due to the glory of your virtues the person, who will dring the water of Ganga or take bath in it, will be free from all type of sorrow and get heaven."

After the end of the tale, all of them went to relax.