Saturday, November 15, 2008

Former Charector of Rishi Vishwamitra (1)

Shatanand, the royal priest of Mithilapuri, was particularly impressed by Ram. He said to Ram, "Hey Ram! It is your great luck that you have got Rishi Vishwamitra as your Guru (teacher). Rishi Viswamitra is a great person. In fact Vishwamitra is very stunning and glorious. Before accepting Rishi religion he was a big and powerful king. Kush was the son of Prajapati, Kushnabh was the sone of Kush and Gadhi was the son of Kushnabh. All of them were pious, warriors and powerful. Viswamitra is the son of Gadhi.

"One day king Viswamitra went to the Ashram of Rishi Vasishtha with his army. At that time Vasishtha was performing sacrifice. He was rapt in devotion to God. After providing proper respect to Vasishtha, Vishwamitra sat there. After completion of the sacrifice, Vasishtha appropriately venerated Viswamitra and requested to accept his hospitality. Thinking that there will much inconvenience to Rishi Vasishtha in entertaining him because he was having his army, Viswamitra asked to go with modesty. But considering repeated request of Vasishtha, Vishwamitra accepted his hospitality for a few days.

"Vasishtha invoked the cow Kamdhenu and requested her to arrange for six types of dishes and all kinds of easements to facilitate the joy for Vishwamitra and his army. Accepting his request the cow Kamdhenu made all the arrangements. Vishwamitra and his army satisfied very much with the hospitality of Rishi Vasishtha.

"Impressed with the miracle of the cow Kamdhenu and with the idea to get the same, Viswamitra said to Vasistha that the cow like Kamdhenu should be the property of the king instead of the person residing in forest. So, you please give it to me. I will give you hundreds of gold currencies in return. Vasishtha replied to him that this cow is my life and at any costI can not give her to anybody.

"Hearing the words of Vasishtha, king Vishwamitra ordered his army to forcely capture the cow and his soldiers began to drive the cow by beating her. Streamed Kamdhenu rescued herself from the bond of the soldiers, came to Vasishtha and began to wail. Rishi Vasishtha said that O Kamdhenu! This king has huge forces, so I can not achieve victory. Even I can not curse him as he is my guest. I am feeling myself in compulsion. Listening these words Kamdhenu said that Hey Bramharshi (great Brahman Rishi)! Strength of Kshatriya can never be more powerful than the strength of Brahmin. Just permit me, I will destroy this king with his huge army in a moment. As there was no any other measure, Vasishtha allowed Kamdhenu to do so.